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so I'm from Lancaster CA(lake la)and IV always wanted to see what's it like to just have sex with a random person I don't know and just cum inside of them rather boy or girl but mostly girl turns me on and ladyboys transgenders etc but I don't think I'm gay I though because I like women I just attractive Ted to the though of another man's penis in my mouth or touching cocks together IV never done but want to but what I really love is eating pussy it's so nice especially when she's on bottom 69 and she licks you balls aand then up and down ass hole and all and puts her finger in you ass while she sucks your dick and then she squirts all over your body and face ...does that make me gay ?and for anyone reading this and made it to the end if you say your not bi then you'd be lying to yourself ; )

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  • we need to fuck

  • I will let you fuck my hole I am guy, I feel your anxiety. just do me and use me as you please.

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