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5-6 years ago I dated this girl and I didn't really put much effort than I promised. She fell in love with me but I didn't feel the same way but pretended to be. When I broke it off with her I felt nothing but she felt -everything. She then showed me her wrist and it carved my name on it........ A year later I apologized the damage I've done to this poor girl and I still seen the scars on her wrist. A couple years later she got married and I'm all the sudden have some feelings of wishing I could have been a better man to her.

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  • She's finally found happiness, don't ruin it for her because of some fleeting feelings that may not be permanent.

  • Don't even think about contacting her in anyway, stay out of her life. I know that type of boys, they date girls just for fun then the moment she moves on with her life, they're like kids wanting the toy they got bored with back.

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