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So I met a guy, we fell in love we decided to start a life together. The only problem was that he's in australia, I'm in Italy. He's white catholic I'm mixed african muslim. When I say problem, it wasn't my problem, it was my backwards racist family. They think if you're different then you're wrong. So I managed to convince my mother, with lies of course, lies that he'll convert, and that he's wealthy, because yes they're materialistic people too. Anyways I told her I'm not doing a big wedding just s courthouse wedding then go out with some friends. And she was fine with it. So far the rest of the family don't know. So I travel there, long long expensive trip. And I told dad that my boyfriend wants to video chat with him since he couldn't travel all the way to italy. And my father kept saying; not now maybe later. So after asking lots of times we decided not to ask again. We got married and everything I was sooo happy. Sent pictures to my mother, and she didn't even say a congratulation, all she said was: is that it? That's a wedding? A simple dress and makeup? And no big reception? What am I going to tell your aunts and cousins? They will all shame me with their big lavish weddings? Why do you always want to hurt me? Why do you have to be different and fall for a white man on the other side of the planet? I was so hurt, I'm a fucking adult I can make my own decisions and won't let some cultural pressure decide my life for me. Now my relationship with her is so cold, whenever I call or text she would either pressure me to throw another wedding reception, or ask me why I'm not sending her money, or ask if he's abusing me because apparently that's what white men do. Everything with those people is based on appearance and on what others think , not on whether you're truly happy or no.

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  • nice try but this is fake, even fiction writers make it more real and is fucking fiction.

  • Honestly I know this sounds harsh and I don't want to make you do anything, but I would cut the contact to my mother. Because if she doesn't make me happy I wouldn't see a reason to have contact with her.

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