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in my department include 7 person, i have rival with someone that i called her A and there all in department know that. They want be my friend and A friend. everytime all people hate A, they come to me so it's make me a power to bully A and vice versa. but after all that i have done (reverage A) they all traitor me. Then i'm thinking why i must to that and it's makes me angry so i'm decide to quit. When i'm quit, A have a power but everybody doesn't like that so they back to me and make me a power again. Finally i was thinking why they do like it? They just used me to reverage A, then when i'm quit they dont like A have a power. then i'm thinking for what??

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  • Don't let them use you. It sounds like you and A are for their entertainment.

  • emm sir what?

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