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i have been with my girlfriend for 2 years. the first half year we had sex all the time. the past year and a half we had sex like 4 times and it hurts. we tried talking about it a million times. I do everything for her. i buy her anything she wants im always good for her. yet I still cheated only because i crave sex and I feel bad about it all the time but I already tried everything. It sucks real bad.

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  • go to find a pussy that you can pound really hard!

  • I've been with my husband for years and we had a rough patch where he stopped wanting to have sex and wanted it all the time, I didn't consider cheating at all, not once, not for a split second, guess why? Because I Love Him! And respect him! Instead of running like an immature little bitch and cheating, I talked with him and said that it's hurting me and I feel unwanted and unattractive. And he admitted that he thinks it's a physical problem because he still finds me attractive, so we saw a doctor and it turned out he had low testosterone levels. We fixed that problem and now we have srx everyday.

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