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I just watched The Others with my brother and now I'm really afraid. Most of the times I watch a movie or read a book and I like it, I get so invested that it kinda becomes reality. I mean, I know it's not real but I feel like it is. And now, with this movie. I was hysterical, crying and laughing at once. I'm really afraid. I've never been like that with a horror movie before. I want someone to cuddle with. I have one bigass teddy bear and a pillow but they're not enough. In some instances I couldn't breathe, parts of my face were numb, my heart hurt a bit. I need my best friend. He'd tell me I'm stupid but I know it and I feel same with him. Why are you so far away? Everything is worse because I'll be on my period in a few days and my feelings get fucked every time. I'm sorry I just had to tell someone and I couldn't tell someone I know

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  • Sometimes you need to talk to someone. Completely understand.

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