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You'll hate me for that and I don't care. These uncivilised muslims should get the "german treatment" You know what I'm saying. (And no, not all muslims are uncivilised madmen)

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  • I'm a muslim and I agree but I hope it should not only goes to bad muslim but all bad people. every religion have it's own uncivilised madmen even those who doesn't have a religion, atheist, there are some bad people there too. I just want a peaceful world really. I want all kids in the world won't ever experience war. I seriously don't understand those so called muslim cause they always go against what is teached in our believe like we must respect other people even when they shared different opinion, and at war we should never attack woman and kids and religious places such as church and temple and so on. agh all of this makes me so frustated

  • Europe brought this on themselves with their feminist bullshit. i am happy to witness all european peoples being ethinically replaced, because you pretentious ignorant feminist communist faggots need to learn the hard way, otherwise you won't learn. let europes destruction remain as proof that faggotry, feminism, equality and stupidity have no place in a nation that hopes to function

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