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I am proud to be anorexic, I am so thin that my doctor always tells me that if I don't start a normal diet, I will most likely die soon. But screw him, and everyone who tells me to eat or cover up my "disgusting" bones, I love my body :) ...... That just sounds horrible, right? Well, that is what you sound like when you're a fat person being proud of your body shape and tell people that you're beautiful. You aren't. You're sick. Stop blaming society for not accepting you. (By the way, I am not anorexic.)

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  • Look. People who are overweight to the point that it affects their health do need to do something about it. But you can be fat and healthy. Thick people can be proud of their bodies. People need to learn the difference between fat and morbidly obese. If someone wants to be fat and they're healthy, then let them! Who cares? P.S. You suck for making fun of a mental illness just to get your point across.

  • Anorexic or fat, people wound up in the hospital either way and you made a great comparison. That's what I always say to people who glorify either.

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