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I'm having an incredibly difficult time right now. I feel like I'm getting hit from all sides. When I'm at home, I clean, take care of my kids, and have no time to enjoy myself. Even if I did have time, I'm so depressed that nothing sounds fun. I have one relative who was just put on Hospice, and I have an aunt who is being tested for Parkinson's Disease and weighs 89.3 lbs at 5'ft tall, and she's yo-yo-ing close to death. She's got numerous health problems and the only thing she wants is her mother's (my grandmother's) love. Every time my grandmother spends time with her (that isn't about taking her to another doctor) my aunt perks up, and will even eat. My grandma assumes she's "fixed" my aunt and leaves her alone. Within a few days, my aunt is not eating, refusing physical therapy, and has to go back to one of her numerous doctors. The cycle repeats itself, and it infuriates me that my grandma can't/won't see that her spending time with my aunt may make the difference of weeks or months in my aunt's life. I used to find solace in going to work, (I'm a Limited Rad Tech) but now I'm having issues with an asshole co-worker. This person was known as the workplace asshole long before I started working there. Longer story short, my boss accidentally left up payroll information up on her computer at the office and asshole co-worker started messing with the files while no one was looking, and she seems to think that I get paid more than her. (Mind you this is impossible because I'm a limited tech and she's full rad tech). I just started this job back in December, she's been with this company 2+ years. Obviously, I have no control over this situation but she decides to take out her frustration over it, on me. In my work, we all access a website that we can dispatch each other patients to attend to (we're a mobile x-ray company). For example, if I'm on the west part of the city, and another tech is in the east it wouldn't make sense for me to run across the city when someone is already in that part of the city. So I would send the east x-ray to them instead. This asshole co-worker changes up my patients so much that I end up working in several different districts instead of one central one. (Sometimes this can't be helped, but in this situation there was more than enough x-ray orders for me to stay in one district. This was blatantly an asshole move). She's also genuinely nasty, and actively looks for me to make mistakes that she can "correct" and bitch about to our boss. The only upside is that the boss knows this co-worker is an asshole, and she sides with me in the situation. But it still doesn't stop me from getting nasty calls, texts, and notes at the office when I'm on my shifts. I really just want to be off work and be with my husband and kids for a day where I'm not concerned about cleaning and we can just be together. But he works and is very close to finishing his degree, which means between he and I working, we don't get too much time together. (When he works, I'm home and vice versa). I'm sad, I'm lonely, I'm angry, and I've reached my breaking point. I feel like the next nasty stunt my asshole co-worker pulls will cause me to blow up on her, which isn't the right answer but I'm having immense trouble holding control over my emotions. I really just want to call in on Friday, (The next mutual shift I have with her) because I don't want to blow up. I'm trying to look into a psychiatrist, but I don't know how long it will take me to get an appointment.

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  • I am soooo sorry, OP! Bunch of bullshit that nobody deserves to be put through. Your asshole co-worker needs to back the hell off, like wow.. her life must be sooo miserable to be such a wench to you and everyone else.

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