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That moment when you wanna go out with your mom and finally have enough confidence to wear no make up and she just says "why aren't wearing any make up? You look ugly, go put on some make up!". Hello Darkness my old friend.

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  • Ugh I hate when people make comments like that. In the past I've gone bare face and my dad has been like "hmm aren't you going to put any makeup on?" or "Hmm I think you should go put some makeup on.". That is sooooo rude - no matter who it comes from! You just shouldn't make comments like that. :/ OP, I bet you look great without makeup! Don't lose that confidence :)

  • I say this in the nicest way possible: fuck your mom and her picking apart your appearance. Go without makeup if you want to. Ask her why your natural face is so 'ugly' and when you became ugly to her. Watch her flounder for a response.

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