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It was one of those days where we had to wake up really early for a doctor's appointment and other things. I didn't put any make up on, just sunscreen. I was joking and said to my husband: look at these dark circles under my eyes I look like a panda bear. Husband: hush, you always look gorgeous! A couple of hours after that I was facetiming my mother and first thing she says: couldn't find a solution for those dark circles? It made me laugh, and wonder which one really cares about me? My husband who is always trying to make me feel better because he knows how physically insecure I am. Or my mother blurting out my flaws to me all the time?

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  • who cares about dark circles everyone has them :) media just wants us to feel insecure about them so we buy make up and creams. It is about your personality we all get old but we don't all have a nice personality.

  • marry that MAN LOLLLL

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