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it's 3years since i could follow the beautiful outlines of a womans body with my hands... 3years... it seems like im not able anymore to have more than a simple friendship with the women i like... i became such a looser... well, i always was like that... 2female friends actually wanted to fuck in the room next me and just said "well, he wont do anything unless we ask for it" okay, its just the truth, but its exactly that what i hate on myself, which at least one of them knows... I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR THAT. because i also know the way how i could've made a 3some out of it. but noooo its too important for me, that im trusted... why am i like this? i hate it.

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  • For a virgin, a threesome is too much for you to begin with, get with one person first then start thinking about threesomes.

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