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Hey y'all it's me again. For those that follow all these confessions on a constant basis, this story might sound familiar , but as days go on, I start to see shit for what it is and I'm just growing angrier by the minute. So my fiancé's brother, gf, and daughter are living with us. I didn't want this by the way , because unlike everyone else, I actually think things through before making big decisions, and knew this wasn't going to work. But when it actually happened , I knew the best thing to do was to just remain positive and make the best of it. But the reality of it is.... I can't. I wasn't at the best place in my life when these people crashed into my home , That didn't even feel Iike my home cuz my mom lives with us too.. And she's been a pain in my ass my whole life. Living with her depressed the hell outta me, but she's not always home so I managed. Then these people came and it wasn't so bad until obviously you start to realize and see things. This girl is only 23 , going on 24.. She lived in her own place in Puerto Rico , her daughter had her own room, she could do whatever she wanted. She also lived by the mountains so it was lonely and quiet by her. She's obsessed with my fiances brother and it beats the hell outta me as to why. He wanted to come here to work and do better for himself , cuz he did a few years in jail for selling drugs. The plan was for him to start working, get steady on his feet , and then find a place and bring his girl and step daughter here. But she's so obsessed , he's a psycho and well they just came here... Pretty much forced. She was very sweet, and anytime she wanted to ask for something, she's bashful about it. She also has a very sad past, so naturally , you feel bad for the girl and want to just give her a hug and help her as much as you can. But then I started to see things that she was hiding behind her "sweet voice". She's very entitled. My fiances brother is also extremely entitled , but we knew that about him. She hid it really well. The other night she was like throwing jabs because my mom and fiancé didn't take the extra step to take her daughter to the doctor .. Even though they work and are busy. Okay I let it slide cuz I mean it's regarding her daughters health. I was pissed at first but it was okay. Today she made a comment , and I know what she meant by it and well I'm just furious. She was talking about her daughter and how she hopes she sleeps the night, and then said that she wakes up sometimes cuz you can hear everything from downstairs. (they're staying in the basement) Basically kind of telling us to not fucking walk downstairs at night cuz the noise bothers them, that was my understanding, to which I responded "aw that's not good , she needs to get use to not waking up after any little noise". Are you kidding me dude ? This is my fucking place and if I need to go downstairs to get a glass of fucking water , or my daughter and I go to bed late, so fuckkng be it. It's not like I'm stomping or screaming ... I try to be respectful . If you're daughter wakes up at the sound of a pin drop, then that's not my fucking problem ! Maybe you shouldn't have put the bed near the fucking door. You should've known and thought about this before coming into someone else's house. She's made comments like this before, actually many times , but she says it nicely so I kind of didn't give it thought , till recently, when her entitlement was really starting to show. Both these people lack so much discipline it's not even funny. This girl thinks cuz she's been through so much and she's been living alone and doing whatever she wants since she was like 19, that she can come into someone's house, who she's never met before, and just make everyone change to accommodate her. I think she missed the memo where we were all forced to accommodate her and her toddler , cuz her man is another one who thinks he's king tut and instead of having fucking respect , he just says "yeah I'm bringing my girl and her kid, k thanks". And we just have to put our needs on hold and help the poor girl out. No. I felt bad for her in the beginning. Really bad. But now I've opened up my eyes ---- she was good in Puerto Rico . She had her own place to live , her daughter had her own room, she had a car, she was receiving assistance , had food on the table , and everything she needed. I get she wanted to progress and move to a country where the economy and such is better, I totally get that, but now was not the right time. She's only 23... She should've waited for the opportune moment to leave. Like maybe after her man accommodated himself at his job, got paid a little better and were able to afford their own place. Now she's in a basement, living with people she's never met before , her man treating her like shit and barely supporting her. I mean should I really feel bad for someone who put themselves in this situation ? She says her one year old already recognizes that he's her "dad"... But that's so lame. She's one... She don't know shit. She just wants to be stubborn.... She's a masochist. She loves that he treats her like shit. But that's not my problem , and I'm not gonna change a godamn thing about my routine. She don't like it then she knows where the door is. I can't carry peoples burden anymore.. I can't .. Especially someone who is nothing to me. I never even liked my fiances brother and it's sickening how she could love him after the way he treats her... And even bringing her to this country and making her suffer. I like the girl , don't get me wrong , she could've been a lot worse ... I just don't want to live with people ... It's been a huge theme in my life for a while. Living with other people is a headache and I've accepted the fact that I can't coexist with others. I try, but I can't. I can hang out with them, see them from time to time but really, I can't live in the same place with people who are not my lover and offspring. I don't even want to live with my sister , or dad. I've been feeling this way for the past few years and everyday the feeling gets stronger and stronger -- so when I got people trying to feel entitled in my home, you can just Imagine how I feel . I've written enough. Thanks for hearing me out.. I needed to vent and just let go of all these negative emotions . One love.

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  • It must be hard for you, I mean it's your place, and now you have to tolerate all this bs. Maybe give them like two weeks notice thing ( or can be longer ). In the mean time see this as a chance of doing good deed and learning patience. Good luck.

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