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I wanna know what it is that makes someone so lucky. Is it really all coincidental or is it something else. Some people have unbelievable luck while some people can't catch a break. For example people that win big amounts in the lottery multiple times. Everyone knows the odds of winning anything decent is sooo slim so how do some people manage to win several times while others can play for 50 years and never win anything significant? I'm not a religious person by any means but I do believe in God but some of these peoples luck i see even seems to good for God to have blessed them like that lol

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  • I think that things like that just seem like they are unbelievably lucky. If you calculate the odds of it happening, you will probably end up with a number that represents the true events. It just seems for you like it is strange, because you have heard of 3 cases, and now think wow, that happening 3 times is so unlikely - but with the billions of times the lottery is played yearly, it is actually quite normal.

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