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I've had maybe 7 or 8 nightmares of me being raped over the last 2 weeks and it's awful.. I wake up feeling sick and shaking, I feel dirty even though no one has physically touched me.. my boyfriend lives a few hundred miles away and right now I'm glad of that because I don't want anyone to touch me.. I'm being out off by sex all together because of it..

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  • This might sound crazy but I think maybe your nightmares are premonitions. Premonitions can always be changed tho so this isnt something to be alarmed about. In any case youre not being hurt now so all you really need to do is be watchful but you dont have to be paranoid. If the dreams are distressing you tho you may need to talk to therapist

  • you probably got raped while you were unconcious under the effects of alcohol

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