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It never bothered me when my boyfriend looked at other girls or talked to girls. I even enjoyed pointing out girls to him and discussing whether they were hot or not. But lately, I've become extremely jealous. I can't help it, I just get mad when female friends text him or when he glances at someone's ass. He made a comment the other day, about how he never thought I could become "such kind of girlfriend" and I am afraid he will break up if I don't get my shit together again. But I don't know how. I don't even know what happened that I am now do jealous.

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  • it's likely because you are insecure. try to figure out why it bothers you, it might give you some insight in what to about it. if it's because he gives you reasons to be insecure, dump that guy.

  • Looking is somehow fine since boys will be boys. But texting/chatting isn't because that is flirting already.

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