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For those who commented on my last confession, thank you very much. I am still thinking if I should or how will I tell my bf soon that I don't love him anymore, or should I reflect more. For the one who asked if how do you not love someone anymore? I honestly don't know, maybe because everything was routine, saying I love you too, back to him doesn't feel anything anymore, it feels like saying good morning to you too. Maybe because, when we started working, we became too busy, if I am free, he isn't. Maybe because he became too clingy, everytime when I am going to go out with old friends, he always asks if he should go with me, which he always does. But if he is out with friends, he doesn't even ask if I wanted to go, I told him that but he dismissed the topic. In almost 5 years of being in a rel. With him, those past 1 1/2 year, we didn't have a single fight. But I am afraid on how will I explain if he ask me why? If he did something wrong and what can he do to make our relationship better. But if I am going to answer that truthfully, I just don't see myself getting married with him, I don't feel anything for him except for a brotherly/friendly love. I am afraid he'll cry and beg me, and I will say yes for the sake of it. Now I am regretting jumping into a rel. With him before, it was like my ex broke up with me 3 mos. Before we became a couple.

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  • Him being clingy and refusing you to join him in his nights out, and also refusing to discuss the problem can be completely understandable as a reason for your feelings for him to change. But I believe that he's not your true love, it was just a companionship more than love. The reason why I say this, because love is too strong, My husband and I before we got married we lived for two years in seperate continents, we couldn't travel to see each other because of work and money issues. That distance didn't change our feelings. Then I moved in with him, and he's working two jobs while I work and go to school as well. We only see each other a little bit in the morning and a little bit before bed. And we're still crazy about each other. Every morning we wake up a little bit early to fool around and have breakfast together, all night long we sleep cuddled to each other. So real love doesn't get destroyed by daily routine struggles. But if the couple is not really in love then the relationship gets cold and fades away. So you're right to break up, let him go, and both of you will eventually find your real love ❤️

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