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My whole life consists of small phases in which I obsess over something briefly. This can be a tv series, a video game, a plan for my future (yup, very brief), but sometimes it can also be a person. It isn't the invading type of obsession, I don't creep anybody out, I just see something special in them and then want them dearly. In this time, I am nothing but respectful to that person, despite caring about practically nobody besides my direct family and myself. I almost live for this person. But, like everything I obsess over, it's temporary. The thing with me, about the obsessions over a special someONE, is that I can't just pursue it every time. People gave wishes and rights that ought to be respected, so if they don't want anything to do with me romantically, it becomes a one-sided love shit fest, and I have to suffer in silence for years. Small distractions here and there keep me from losing it. I have my crazy family who I get along greatly with, and my one and only true friend who I consider to be a part of the fam jam, but it still hurts so much. See, I get over phases... Only when I get what I want. So I cause a lot of pain as well as I feel it. I could love you just like that, and I could leave you just as fast (ISSUES). So maybe my whole life will always consist of small phases in which I obsess over something briefly. A never ending cycle. Just wanted this off my chest.

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  • Yeah I am exactly like that. But I don't have a problem with it. I was also afraid that I wouldn't ever find a partner (or stay with one), but I did find someone who wasn't just a phase for me. Same for my job, I found something that wasn't one of those 'I wanna be .... today', I found something that reflects my CHARACTER - I love to organize things, which isn't a phase, it's a part of myself, a part of how I see things. So I became an event organizer. You also have things about you that aren't just phases. Go find them! Good luck

  • obsess with suicides and kys

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