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I was with my girlfriend and I suddenly realised I know nothing about her, it's like I don't recognise her at all. But thing is, I do know her. She's my best friend, we've known each other for three years, we've been together every day and we know each other better than anyone else. But for like a full minute I was feeling like she was a stranger and it was so weird and scary. I've felt like this before and not just with her, with lots of people I know well (my family and my best friends) but this was so much more intense than any other time. I'm worried something's wrong with me

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  • Nothing's wrong there. Sometimes you just see people from another perspective for a bit. As if you're seeing an actual person, and the brain forgets to add the image it's built around them. It's quite common, people just don't talk about it a lot. You're fine, OP :)

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