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I think in every society we have been feel this feeling. when you with people, nobody care and nobody take you seriusly your attention. It's hurt the most but when you decide to leave they come back to you to asked you not to leave because they need you. I think this so funny they need you after you decide to leave, for what? in the deep of my heart i think to forgive them, but if i do i will hurt again and again because i know they will do the same. so what is the best for me leave ir forgive?

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  • forget and never look back.

  • I know exactly how you feel because it happens to me every single day of my life. maybe we should just feel less for people that treat us this way. like, treat them like strangers you meet on the street. you can be polite to a stranger but, you wouldn't go out your way to please them or help them to the extent of hurting yourself. plus, a stranger wouldn't be able to get in your head to hurt you like a person who you care for. separate the real from the fake by not letting anyone who has, lied to you, treated you like a fool, use you for your resources and never cares about the position it puts you in, or talks badly about you behind your back but will never say it to your face. keep these people at a distance. and NEVER tell them anything about your personal information.

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