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I watched 13 Reasons Why, and on the 12th episode, she was talking about how even though she was alive, she felt like she was dead. Like she had no worth and shit and suddenly, I recognized that and realized when I was depressed, I was feeling that way. I felt like I had no purpose in life and a part of me had died, and I realized how close I was to suicide.. It just made me cry how other people out there are hurting right now, they want to end their lives, and no one can reach out to them. But I want to reach out to them.. I want to let them know they are not alone and they are worth it.

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  • When did I ever say I glorified that show? I simply said it made me realize something. And just because I was depressed does not always mean I need help or medical attention omg. So tired of people telling me this and acting like I'm disabled or something

  • please don't glorify this show or book in ANY WAY! it glories and distorts the reality of mental illness and how it's dealt with. trust me I have a daughter who has been really struggling for almost 2 years with anxiety depression and god knows what else. After an idiot teacher gave my daughter this book she fell in love with the romantic and no what she felt was the heroic part of this girls suicide. This was a year ago and we still struggle with her love for the heroic end as my daughter sees it. After this book my daughter actually made a box with 13 ways to die....... then she started her list...... My god people if you are depressed that show will not help you.... SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE! Stop worrying talk to someone who can help!

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