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I'm so scared right now. I'm a girl and I kinda somewhat shaved my area, like over 2 days I trimmed it down. Today is the 2nd day and I took more hair off then I think I should've. I took more off then I thought and I'm scared if that's going to hurt me or something down there. I heard things that kinda scared me from YouTube because it said I'm supposed to do it a certain way and I don't think I did it exactly the right way so I just wanna know. I also don't at the same time, but I need to if I'm ever going to calm down. It probably shouldn't scare me too much, but I already have super bad aniexty over everything.

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  • ok first calm down second send me a picture to know what you did down there and give you better advice only if you are not too fat.

  • Shave it however you want!😜 No worries

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