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You know how every house has a certain smell but you you've grown so used to the smell of your own house that you can't even smell it anymore? I asked my friend what my house smelled like and she said, ''It kind of smells like cats. But not the bad cat smell, the good cat smell. Other times it smells like lemon furniture polish.'' And she asked me what her house smelled like and I just said ''candles and laundry detergent, and sometimes it smells like baby powder.'' I have another friend whose house literally always smells like cookies and old books. I love the smell of her house so much that when she gave me one of her shirts, I just kept smelling it when I got home. Ive never even worn it or washed it because I don't want the smell to fade. I know that's super creepy and I'm sorry but the smell just makes me feel really safe. I just find it so fascinating that every house has its own personal smell like that.

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  • i love the smell of the old books

  • My neighborhood smells like black and latino.

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