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I am in love with two people at once. Well, not really in love with both. One is my boyfriend, and I love him the way you would expect someone to love their partner. But then there's this other guy, I don't deeply love him, but I think the only reason for that is that I don't see him that often. They are very different and I know that both can't give me everything I want, but either one can give me what the other one can't. My boyfriend gives me security and understands me, but we are sometimes almost just like platonic friends. The other guy, however, could give me passion, and some part of me thinks that if he wasn't better for me, I wouldn't have fallen for him despite having a boyfriend. But if this is true, why does it feel so impossible to leave my partner? Only because I am afraid to lose the secure future with him, or because I love him more? And why did I fall for someone else then? Only because I crave sex and adventure? I hate being like this.

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  • This is such cliche xc

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