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today I told my boyfriend how I feel and I told him I just want to dissapear. he said it's nonsense. my feelings are nonsense. then I said I wanted to die and he said "then do it. we'll see if that's making it better." It hurts so much that he said that. I just wanted someone to talk to about my feelings... i never told anyone before... i trusted him and then he's saying this kind of stuff. he wanted to know why I am always sad and finally I told him and then he doesn't want to know it anymore. I just wanted someone to hold me, but that never happened. we made up later today and are like "i love you." right now, but i don't know if that's the right thing to do. we did talk about this stuff tho and he said he will help me get through, but i don't know. he still said some stuff that really hurts me.

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  • honestly i would react the same as your boyfriend i the beginning. people who say they want to disappear and appear depressed usually fail to recognize that there is so much good and happiness around them too. it would make me pissed that someone can say that so easily and as a reaction i would them to just try doing it because they wont anyways. he probably doesnt know if youre serious or not because disappearing doesnt make the problems disappear. you have your boyfriend. why dont you entrust him more and tackle the issues together. if there is something you feel isnt right, tell it to him honestly and direct and dont try to gain a comforting reaction from him by saying that.

  • Talk to him once more and see if you can work things out. If he cannot, or will not try to understand you, then he is not good for you. You are definitely suffering from something, quite possibly depression, and you need those around you to support you. Additionally, you should go get professional help. If you want to die, that's a serious issue. But the fact that you reached out towards your boyfriend and tried to open up about it means that at least a part of you hasn't given up yet. Keep on fighting, and get the help you need. Stay strong, OP.

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