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My guy friend and I were texting late at night and somehow our conversation led to gender roles and then he said ''I think the best part of being a girl is that you always get flowers. I've always wanted someone to give me flowers but that's a girls only thing which sucks.'' And I said ''do you really like flowers?'' And he goes ''Yeah, I do. Especially sunflowers, but it's not like I can say that out loud at school without being called queer or something.'' And then I promised him that I would bring sunflowers to his house on his birthday which is in a couple weeks and he got so excited. God I love him so much that made me so sad.

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  • yeah things like that made me sad... it's not a bad thing to like flowers even if you are a man

  • Is nice to read there is a guy like me, I would love to recieve flowers, my favorite I dont even know the name but I have seen them growing in trees, their color is very bright and the petals are like leave shaped but the texture is like delicate cellophane, I would literally die of happiness if someone gifts me those beautiful flowers.

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