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This is not at all where I expected my life to be. Everything feels so wrong. I've never felt more alone. Everyone in my life right now seems to hate me and I do not understand what I did wrong to them. I've always been nice and supportive towards people. I'm always trying my best to make other people happy so they don't hate me, but they ended up hating me anyway... I seriously hate where my life is at. Btw, I'm not coming on here for attention from everybody, this is like my only place where I can actually say what I want to say since nobody around me seems to care anymore.

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  • don't be sad, you have do what you can, what others do, and how they treat you is beyond your control. Care for yourself, care for your family and friends that love you. remember every relationship is a long journey, we win some, we lose some, so just let it be, don't let people who doesn't care effect you this much.

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