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I try not to let being ignored and forgotten about bother me but it makes me sad. In my life I have rarely ever done anything wrong to anybody. Never touched a drug, never stolen, never got into fights. I'm friendly with everyone, don't judge anybody but people always leave me out. Whenever i go somewhere I double check if anybody wants to go or needs anything because im one of the only ones in my group of friends with a car so it's hard for some of them to get around plus I don't like going by myself sometimes. Im not gonna sit here and act like my life is terrible or be ungrateful because I know im blessed in many ways but sometimes the most important things in life aren't what you have, where you go, or what you do. Sometimes i just want to feel loved, appreciated, and like I matter. There are times where I feel so left out and isolated i question whether my family and friends would even take time to come to my funeral (if they would even have one for me). I don't want to seem desperate, pathetic or thirsty for attention it's just sometimes my friends and family make me feel worthless or like a burden and annoyance. The most hurtful thing was last year when me and a group of friends planned a birthday party for me and our friend because our birthdays are the 16th and 17th. We planned all this shit for about 25-30 people ordered a huge cake and a ton of food because it was supposed to be an all day thing and my other friend who's birthday was on the 17th bailed the day of (my birthday) and ended up going to some water park instead and most of the people went with him so i got stuck with a bunch of food and shit plus had to pay for it all because we were all gonna pitch in $20 or bring $20 worth of food from somewhere. Most of the people there I didn't even know and most of them didn't know me or know it was my birthday so i just took all the uneaten food

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  • I know how you feel... I feel it too like I feel like I have given so much for my friend but they doesn't even seems to consider me as a friend. yeah it feels so bad. but I meet my true friends now, and I believe you will too someday.

  • I just decided to be ice cold. Society creates serial killers.

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