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I am a muslim girl I fell in love with someone who hasnt nuch money and is not well educated but he loves me and prays all five prayers amd is good muslim but my father wants a husband with much money and top educated and i thing there is no future for us i need really good advices would accept any avices escpically islamic advices

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  • your parents want the best for you, but try telling them that people can be successful even if they are not well educated. If the man you love is really a good muslim he would try his best to work. and maybe do sholat istikhoroh so that you will got the answer from Allah SWT. Honestly for me I always believe in my parents opinion cause I also saw many cases of my friend who love a guy who is not accepted by her parents and turns out he is a liar and a cheater.

  • first rip and burn the burka and those oppresive tunics, second if he still loves you over his religion and isnt bigot marry him, third encourage other women to be free.

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