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my fiance of 6 years told me he didn't want to see me anymore and I'm heartbroken. he didn't give me any reasons, no explanations apart from "he wasn't happy". I have my med school finals coming up and I'm so angry he's ruining my career by doing this right before the exams. I'm so lost and hurt, and I have nobody to talk to. this is hell

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  • Happened to me, my first,my ex broke up with me months before med exam, I failed the first time, sucked like hell. Then changed myself to prove him something, years later I passed it and I'm doing good.

  • hey i can completely relate, true mine was just a break up with a gf who ive been dating for only 7 months but she was my world, she left me just before my exams. im going into my exams stressed as hell but its life, focus on ur exams and leave that person to the side at least till after ur exams. Your not alone, u might not think i know what ur going thru but you will find someone who you deserve trust me. Good luck in your exams and turn your lostness and hurtness into passion to do well and show everyone how much you are winning by passing these exams with flying colours, i just wish someone told me what im telling you now. Good luck and you will find love

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