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This like 15-16 year old girl dropped off a baby on my family's doorstep saying the baby was my younger brother's and that she wants nothing to do with him or the baby she had from him. He's the same age as she is and he gets back home from our dads on Saturday. Our mom says she wants me to pretend the baby is mine until she can talk to my brother about everything. I feel like on Saturday I should just talk to him without my mom since I don't see the point in lying about whose baby it is. Though I think I should let him at least have the weekend to be like his last few days of not being a father.

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  • Go after that bitch for child support. Women go after men for child support when he doesn't want it. Women want equal rights so she should have to pay your brother every month

  • I want the baby, can I have it?

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