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I think I raped my best friend. I am secretly gay and in love with him. Last night, we went out drinking. He had a little too much so I took him to my place. I helped him undress (his clothes were wet from the rain), and just couldn't hold it back... I kissed him. He was so drunk that he probably didn't even know what was going on, or at least couldn't articulate that he didn't want it. Maybe he even wanted it. However, I ended up fucking him. Afterwards he just fell asleep. The next day, he went home without mentioning anything - I am sure he can't remember. I now feel horrible. I raped him, didn't I? Even though he didn't say no at any point? And should I tell him? Maybe it's best for him if he doesn't even find out.

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  • It's good you feel bad. You did technically (and legally) rape him. You probably should tell him.

  • I'm sure he knows that his ASS is blown open. Haha

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