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I say the wrong thing more and more lately, as If stepping on a mine continuously. I want to act like it's either completely her fault or mine. Truth is it's a mixture of both of us being toxic to each other for the smallest reason. Sometimes I just hate her, and I feel as she hates me too. But I think of all the fun times we had and press on. It's getting harder though, I keep trying to play it safe and keep things civil but I feel so hateful sometimes. More than anything I want to keep my anger inside because I've seen what it does. I feel like I'm wounded and there's only so much left I can bear. How can I be a good friend if I can even be myself anymore. I feel it's changing me for the worst, I want to be a better person but it's slipping away from my hands. I just want to be me again but I don't know what to do anymore.

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  • I understand you completely

  • Talk about it, maybe even go to a therapist together if this relationship is that important to you. Don't just sit down and watch it all happen. This relationship, as it is, is toxic to you both, as you already pointed out. So go fix it, or let it go.

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