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Everyday I text my older sister. She's been so depressed that her boyfriend cheats on her but she loves him. The worst part about it is half the time I don't even want to text her because all of her jokes and wonderful personality isn't even a shell of who she was. She's so depressed she talks about suicide everyday. To be honest I have a suicide note near my bed, since she was 19 and I was 16 we swore that if one of us commits suicide the other one will follow. Truthfully I just want to kill myself without having to worry about her being dead.

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  • I feel you, I've been in a situation like that. I miss it though, it was one of my close friends, I moved away though. Had I stayed there I probably would be dead right now. The person in question is still alive however. Anyway go over to see your sister talk a little bit. And honestly if your ok killing yourself if she does. Have sex with her. She gets to cheat on her bf and the guy willing to kill himself if she kills herself gets laid. (And before people start, if shes all he has to live for, then he should live for her.) Connections like that don't form over night, show her that it's ok. Or at least tell her what you intent to do since I can tell your really considering moving on first.

  • Don't think that way. Get yourselves help, your sister should break up with her boyfriend immediately, the relationship only damages her and you both will find someone who truly deserve you. I know it's hard, but you both have to get yourselves together and fight, even if it's just for the the other sister's sake. As I see it, you have a wonderful sisterly love for each other and you should support each other as best as you can. My younger sister and me also have depression from time to time, but we try to help each other the best we can. I can't even imagine what I would do without her. I wish your and your sister all the best!

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