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you know you go to a rich kids school when a kid offers you 10k USD (100% serious) to take an exam under his name.

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  • take the money and fail the test. hire protection for 1000$ enjoy the rest

  • Okay so story time. When I was a senior in high school, my friends and I had this thing where we told people the answers to tests and assignments. We'd go into the library, and use our laptops to go into the school's website and kind our teacher's pages and we'd find the answers and write them down. This was when Snapchat first got their give money feature and anybody who wanted the answers would snap us and send us money through Snapchat. We charged $10 per test and per assignment or whatever you could pay us. The rich kids paid us the most, they'd give us like $20-$30 per test and assignment. There was this one time when I made somewhere close to $800 in one day.

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