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Sometimes I feel like I was born without the ability to feel empathy. Some people told me I was cold, crual and I had no pity, but it's not the case. I simply don't always automatically understand which situations or behaviours are "normal" and which one are painful for others, it's like I have to think a lot about it to draw a conclusion. But eventually, the repetition of rejections made me really cold, in that way I don't need people anymore, at least in 99% of the cases. If they act shabby with me, even only once, I don't feel culprit anymore to give up on them, I don't want to try to understand anymore. I have many friends, so one more or one less... It don't make any difference, and the pain I might feel by questioning myself does :/ And it ever happened that I cut bridges with dozens of people all at once, because I found only few of them were unbearable and I no longer wanted to be confronted with them. And I don't regret it for a single moment. I could speak again with some of them with a lot of pleasure, but it's out of question I confront to their "group" anymore. Is it cold or crual? I'm kind of lost

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  • First off, don't listen to what other people say. They can not know how you feel. Judge for yourself if you have empathy.

  • no you are just stupid cunt who cant spell cruel.

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