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im... thinking to study in canada and live after that in london. I have no idea how im gonna do it. i wanna study criminology, but i have a lot of mental problems. And a part of me is telling me not to do it, but another part of me yells at me that i should just do it... NO ONE knows about this plan of life of mine, becouse im affraid that they get involved... i plan also to change my name and leave all i love behind... but i dont want to see anyone cry for this, so im just gonna leave. It is so painful in the inside.

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  • Just do it. if you feel like going back then it's up to you. At least you tried what you want to do.

  • Sometimes you just have to leave it all behind, hit refresh and start again. If you want to, do it, seize the opportunity because if you don't you will regret it for the rest of you life, always wondering what if? Take small steps at first, and if you really want to and believe it is the right thing to do, DO IT. After all I want to do the same. My parents are so controlling, that the only way for me to gain that independence but keep their respect, I have to leave and start a new: even one perceives me the way I am because of my parents and I just can't change that.

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