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i may have led some guy i knew to suicide. i always was a troubled person, he's been institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital and and sort of mental problems in his life. for an example he was a right wing extremist but all that time also a Buddhist and prior to that a Muslin (he was white). he had no regular job, just a weddings photographer every now and then but the money didn't supported him because he lived with his parents. one day i sent a prank text message to another guy that didn't liked him. the other guy started spreading bad rumors about him and he never was hired again to photograph weddings. I've taken from him the only thing he liked and few years later he killed himself. i don't bad at all because he always shown that he had suicidal tendencies but still i feel i gave him a little push.

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  • You little shit, the fuck is wrong with you?! CHANGE motherfucker, CHANGE.

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