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I raped my fiancée. I regret it every single day. I love her more than anything, but I blacked out and couldn't stop myself. She says she's forgiven me, but I will never forgive myself.

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  • my relationship started from myself raping my girl. seen her walking back from school I had to have her. so I talked to her she was rejecting me. so I pulled her into a alley and forced her. when I started Fucking her she started loosening up. she started kissing me she said let's take this back to your place. Took her home got her naked ate her pussy and fucked her. As we were laying there I told her I've been watching her. She said well you finally got your girl. I knew she was in school she told me she was 12. fast forward she's 15 now an she pregnant with my child. I'm so happy. my second child with a minior this time the girl will keep it. Last girl just turned 13 when she was pregnant.

  • yeah you really are a piece of shit I hope you know that 💕

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