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My parents have paid for two years of community college and believe that i made dean's list all four semesters. Truth is, i only made the dean's list my first semester of school and have been lying to them about my grades and attendance. The past three semesters i have either failed or withdrawled from every class. I don't do it because I'm lazy, but i know deep down I don't want to go to school, to fall into the role society wants me to play.. "go to school, get a job, pay your taxes".. i hate the system. I just want to travel the world. The world will be my classroom.

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  • If you don't want to finish college, you should confront your parents. Stop lying and be straightforward because you're wasting your parent's money and efforts. Remember, the money that they paid for college is hardly earned. They don't simply pick up those money along the streets .

  • And every junkie in California was gonna make it big in Hollywood. Go back to school!

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