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I met a girl i really like when i was on vacation with my school & she has the particular indifference that usually would turn people off. [She's not overweight or anything like that]. But when i revived at the airport & my family picked me up they made fun of her indifference. So now im afraid to talk to her or even message her. Because i know my family will be judgemental .. I really dont know what to do..!

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  • It is hard when one's family might not approve. At least you know they love you enough to be honest. I say go for it and let it play out. See if that indifference becomes annoying or makes the relationship easier. If they don't pay your bills, pay them no mind, might be a good montra. True family wants you to be happy. Seek their council, be respectful, but follow happiness. I hope you find happiness.

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