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I was always the chubby kid when I was growing up, I started gaining a lot of weight when I was around 7-8 years old, by the time I was 18 years old I weighed about 113kg/250lbs, huge man boobs, couldn't run 30 feet without gasping for air,...I was way overweight for my age, I got sick and tired of always being the fat dude, ever since I was a kid it has always been that way..I started working out intensely, dieting, and the improvements came. I now weigh 75kg/165lbs, the man boobs are gone my chest looks like I put two butts that squat regularly on it, I don't have a flabby stomach anymore my abdominal area is now a collection of 6 tight buns, I can run/swim do anything I couldn't do before. I've never had any girl crush on me ever, but ever since I got in shape, girls in my university, friends that I considered way out of my league at one point in my life are literally fighting over me now, the best part...no one makes me be the goalkeeper at football anymore.

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  • Football doesn't have goalkeepers. Soccer does

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