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When I have enough money, I'll just go and live on my own. I have a terrible relation w/brother&mother, there's NOTHİNG good of what I'm doing. They both yell at me and ruin everyday my happiness. And they abuse me.. My dad keeps me going cause I love him a lot, but now he didn't even listen to me, instead he believed my mom and brother. I feel so terrible, I cant scream or throw things away, so I hurt myself and cry to sleep. But now that nobody gives a shit about me, I feel free to leave when the time comes, I'll be a good fashion designer who will be happy and live on her own. I am neglected by my first bf, I don't know if I can love again, because the people I loved the most, hurted me the most. I'm just afraid, but looking forward to the future :)

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  • its good your not giving up on life :) hope you become successful

  • why does this story sound so familiar..?

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