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I 'm kind of fed up with all those ads about how great moms are. Dont get me wrong I truly appreciate what they so for us even tho most of the time we cant really see it. But dads aka men are not the root of all evil, I only hear about how he cheated on her or how he is the bad one. In my opinion todays soiciety thinks all men should be like women (sharing emotions ect.) but honestly thats not what we were made for.

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  • it is not about that , mother have to endure a lot of hardship for children in a ifferent way than men, and often they re the ones stuck with children no matter what, no one asked you to be a woman just to have some respect for the hard work your mother did to bring you up and i am not talking about money, but be a man a good man and to be honnest you can accomplish so much more being a man in so many fields why do you need to belittle mothers work or need to compare it to dads work, different jobs and different perspectives, be a good man and stop worrying so much. In 70 % of thecases women are the ones mostly struggling with kids chores food and you dare think we re too nice toward women, you have no clue dear how people are rude and mean toward woman, leave your sugar coated world and go give a hug to both your parents

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