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How do i cut off my social media attachment. I browse even though i have something important going on. It's destroying me. It's so simple but I'm already addicted. Has anyone truly overcome this?

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  • Sometimes, deleting an app or shortcut has helped me, but most of the time it didn't. Sometimes, forcing myself to do something else - over and over again reminding myself that I have to do something else - has helped, but most of the time it didn't. What turned out helping me was accepting that I want to do it. I just allowed myself to browse social media as much as I wanted, and suddenly ot wasn't as appealing anymore. It's some sort of reverse psychology I guess. May be a bad idea for some people, but you know, trying doesn't hurt.

  • I just always remind myself that it's not emotionally and mentally healthy for me anymore because it always gave me negative thoughts. You can try thinking about its negative effects on you and always remind it to yourself.

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