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Single father to an 8 year old, I work two jobs. The only time my child is away from me is when he is in school, his mother is a joke, she only sees him for a few days a week, she doesn't pay child support, she relies on her mother for money, drinks and parties when ever she wants, when she buys something for our child she demands I pay her back, I bought a truck and a house, our house is filled with everything a house should have, I have been paying for all of his activities and paying bills. I'm holding on as hard as I could. But my two credit cards are just about maxed out. All I want is a sign that good things are coming. Just some sign that it will all work out.

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  • You already have your sign right in front of you and that's the love your little boy has for you I know I'm only young but I've experienced enough to know that the love of a child is the best sign you could ever ask for. Stay strong you will get through it and your son will always look up to you and you'll always be his superhero.

  • I'm almost exactly in your shoes, except I'm a mother and I have 3 kiddos. It's a struggle for sure - just know that you are doing the best you can do every single day. Sometimes you feel you should be wearing a cape and others you're barely pulling along - but it's your best. Being constant and stable in your son's life IS a sign it's working out. It's exactly what a parent should be, selfless and supportive. Keep moving...you are awesome.

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