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We were together for 10 years. THE best 10 years of my life. But she left me 2 years ago. I thought I had healed, I thought I had forgotten her, I thought I was over her. Yesterday I saw her instagram. I wasn't looking for it, mind you. It just appeared in the feed of a common friend. She has never looked so beautiful. Her smile is the prettiest I have ever seen. Her skin, her hair. Everything about her looks even more perfect than it did back then. Does he make her THAT HAPPY? Excuse me while I find the nearest bridge or cliff.

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  • At least she found happiness again. It might not be with you, and that really sucks. But she's happy. And that means you can be happy, too. Also keep in mind that her looking better isn't a result of her happiness; maybe she is happier because she looks and feels better.

  • don't die! u can find the same happiness that she found with a better person

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