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That bundle of cells in her wound is mine as well, my sperm help created that. I don't care what she thinks, I am willing to be responsible and be a good father for my child. Don't give a shit that is your body, that baby is mine. You are not ready then good for you, my child don't need you anyway. Money ain't the issue, I'll spend thousands of dollars for my baby to be born. Don't fuck with me, don't cry your damn rights. I have rights as well, people like you want to prevent that. When my child is older and mature, I won't lie about you. You don't deserve to be in my child's life. A child isn't a burdern, you are. See you in court.

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  • here's to hoping no judge will EVER MAKE a woman CARRY a child that she doesn't want

  • If you really want a baby, why don't you go put your sperm inside a woman who actually wants to have a child. I don't think a man should have any say in something like this even if you helped create the child. You're not the one who has to suffer for 9 months and then give birth. If you really want a child, find someone who is willing to have one.

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