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It's me again. Just a heads up -- just because someone obsessively talks about something a lot, doesn't mean there's something wrong with them. I can't talk about this with anyone and if I don't talk about it, it's gonna just sit in my brain and take longer for me to get over, so if I keep talking about it, it'll bore me and I'll look back at this and probably be disgusted. Like how some of you mfers do when you're so horny you'll fuck anyone and then once you nut, you're ashamed that you fucked that person. Well yeah this situation is like that. This guy wasn't all that special... I mean his dick was I'll be so honest, it was a true work of art, and he knew it , probably just loved sending it to girls and seeing their reaction to feel good about himself. And don't none of you mfers act like if a bitch sent you a nude pic and her pussy, ass or titties weren't looking perfect , you wouldn't get all caught up. I mean maybe not , considering that these days girls are getting so much shit done, but ladies-- you know nice , perfect sized dicks are hard to come by, so forgive me for being a perv and falling inlove with the D. I'm just in a haze right now and I know it. And I'm forcing myself so hard to get out of it but I can't , and it doesn't even work that way. I'll get over it when I get over it. But speaking from an objective point of view -- big dick guys are actually the worst. Just as bad as small dick guys. Big dick guys know they have something special so they treat pussy like a joke. They marry, but feel like their junk is too precious to just be seen by one person , they wanna bless the whole damn world. Then small dick mfers always overcompensate , always angry and are annoying. At the end of the day, ill stick with my average guy. They're the best plus they super freaky. Big dick guys are good for one night stands , that's about it. But enough about dicks lol. In all seriousness the guy wasn't anything out of this world for me to be this way and this most likely has nothing to do with him but with me and my unresolved issues. When you're real life is plagued with problems , you need to face them head on. Running away only makes it worse, and that's what this guy was to me. An escape from the real world, and just as I was sinking in, he vanishes, and it took me by surprise because usually people show signs of getting bored or whatever before they block you. This was a shocker and I wasn't mentally prepared.. Oh and on top of that, there was drama at my home, just the day before he blocks me. It's all a bunch of shit all at once. But whatever , I'm doing better, still thinking of him but the obsession is getting a little more under control. Writing here helped a lot, despite immature little fucks , but y'all are just like mosquitos in the summer. Annoying but you just ignore and swat away 😘😘

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