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It's always been my big dream to have an own home one day. I'm kind of a decorating freak, I love interior design and pretty homes. While other kids wanted to be an adult to decide their own bedtime, drink alcohol or travel or marry, I couldn't wait to finally decorate my own home. I even have a big folder, similar to a wedding planner, with decoration & furniture ideas. Now it's almost time, me and my boyfriend are soon going to buy our first own apartment - and there's the problem. I recently noticed that we have a totally different taste. I must admit that most of my ideas are quite girly (pink, gold, candles...) and he doesn't want that at all. He also has some pieces that he wants to have in our flat, but don't fit my wishes in any way (a set of beer cans to name just one monstrosity). Now we've already decided that we won't split the rooms to have each one decorate one, because we have to equally live in all rooms. We also decided that mixing our styles is an even worse idea because you cant have beer cans next to a pink wall and candles. So... I think one or both of us have to give up on our styles completely. Maybe decide on something neutral. Which makes me hella sad because I can now throw away my folder, along with my childhood dream.

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  • It's just an apartment, it's something temporary. Neither of you should have to give up on your style, but you have to find a middle ground. You're being a bit dramatic over not being able to use the color scheme you like. I understand that it's your dream and all, but decorators have to be able to change with the wants and needs of others. You can't expect another individual to like exactly the same aesthetic as you. Maybe sit down with him and look though some design catalogues to find things you both like. Create something you can both be happy with.

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